About Me

My name is Owen Earl

Welcome to my website! I am in love with letters. I’ve been designing and making fonts for over five years. In that time I’ve done work for some big name companies, but my true passion is in doing work for the smaller guys. I want to make high quality, versatile, modern typography that's accessible to everybody.


I make the fonts available on this website, but I do other things too. I do consulting on all matters typographic, custom typeface design, and would love to help out on some cutting edge experiments that could use my eye and skill set. If you have questions or are interested in collaborating I encourage you to reach out.

About the Type

Indestructible Fonts

Central to the vision of the foundry, is making free, highly versatile, archetypal typography. Fonts that capture the essence of a typographic idea and will look good in any context. Fonts that will have a full range of widths and styles and use the latest technology to recreate the best designs of history. These are Indestructible Fonts, and they are the main focus of the foundry.

Experimental Fonts

To make the best possible fonts I have to stay hip to the latest technologies and innovations. This means experimenting and, every once in a while, inventing new things. The result of some these experiments end up in the Experimental Fonts category. They’re less practical than the Indestructible Fonts, but they’re just as important.

What’s with the asterisks?

It’s a trademark of sorts. It helps to easily distinguish indestructible type* fonts from others, while keeping the naming convention simple. It’s particularly useful for Indestructible Fonts, which are named after font designers of the past. For example, there are a lot of fonts named Bodoni, but only one named Bodoni*.

About the Site

GDPR and Privacy

Your privacy is incredibly important to me, and because of this, I keep as little information on you as possible. I only track total page visits and the page that linked you to me. I do not keep track of IPs or your location. I do not have cookies. However, in order to provide you with this service, I use third party services such as PayPal. These services all have their own privacy policy, and keep varying degrees of information on you. All of them are GDPR compliant. First and foremost I use GitHub to host this site. When you go to any page on my site you are able to because of GitHub. Click here to read GitHub’s privacy policy. Second, I use PayPal. This is only for processing payments, and will not be incited unless you pay for one of my fonts. Click here to read PayPal’s privacy policy. Finally, I use MailChimp to manage email subscribers. This will only be incited if you subscribe to my newsletter. Click here to read MailChimp’s privacy policy.

Website Design

This website was designed and coded from scratch by me, Owen Earl. I did this because I wanted to understand the inner workings of the site, I’m less reliant on third party services this way, and it will be easier to update in the future. I have many people to thank for helping me to create this site, but one I do want to mention by name is Alina Sava, who provided feedback and suggestions on the look and feel of the site. Much of the current website design has her touch.