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Cowboy Fonts for the Cowboy Collective


The Cowboy Collective is a digital art collective celebrating and creating cowboy themed art. The mission is an inclusive one, anyone can join, and everything submitted to the collective must be licensed to the creative commons, so that anyone can build on or modify existing Cowboy Collective artwork. I am a founding member, and the Cowboy Fonts Revival project is a way to bring my love of typography to the collective.

Unlike other fonts at indestructible type*, these are not original designs, they are revivals. I am looking at historical typefaces which are in the public domain, and making digitizations. I’ll be sharing my process on the Cowboy Collective website, and the font downloads will take place over there as well. These fonts will not feature the familiar asterisk, but rather a CC at the end. It’s a fun and light-hearted exploration of our typographic past.

Copperplate CC
Tiffany Gothic CC
Engraving CC
Railroad Gothic CC


Made with love by indestructible type*