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I believe strongly that high quality fonts like Bodoni* should be available to everyone for free. I want every creative person to have good, versatile, fonts at their disposal. Bodoni* has has taken me years and hundreds of hours to make. If I were to sell the intellectual property rights, it would easily be worth $10,000. But I’m not. I’d rather be giving back to the amazing online community of passionate and hardworking people who continue to make this kind of work possible. Donating will help to make Bodoni* a better font, as well as further the indestructible type* catalogue.

Please, consider helping me realize my mission of free, high quality fonts by making a donation for Bodoni*.

So far we have raised roughly error of the $10,000 dollar goal!

About the Download

Your download includes the latest version of Bodoni* in both TrueType and OpenType formats. Bodoni* is licensed under the SIL open font license. This allows for both personal and commercial use, without a different licence. It also makes it available for free for both.

To get the variable font version of Bodoni*, simply pay an amount of at least twenty dollers. The variable font version will be included automatically in your download

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